GPeC Summit, 11-12-13 May, Bucharest

Te asteapta 3 zile de continut premium de la cei mai buni specialisti romani si internationali - specialisti ale caror carti sunt best-selling pe Amazon sau reprezinta companii cheie in e-commerce la nivel global: Neil Patel, Chris Goward, Craig Sullivan, Matthew Woodward, Ivan Mazour si Simo Ahava sunt doar primii din lista de speakeri pe care o pregatim!

GPeC Summit, May 11-12-13, Bucharest

“When you say <The most Important E-Commerce Event in Romania>, you say GPeC” – this is the feedback of the Romanian industry about GPeC, 10 years after the first edition. We feel honored and we thank you for writing together the history of Romanian E-Commerce.

On May 11-12-13 2015 we bring you GPeC Summit – the e-commerce event whose lineup numbers some of the best international speakers, the event offering you limitless networking possibilities, various business opportunities, experience exchange and loads of premium content.

Neil PatelOur special guest: Neil Patel, for the first time in Romania at GPeC!

Neil Patel is the co-founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics and one of the most well-known marketing bloggers worldwide. Wall Street Journal callend Neil Patel one of the most influential people in the online business and Forbes placed him in top 10 international online marketers. USA President, Barack Obama, placed Neil in top 100 entrepreneurs under 30.

Neil Patel is not the only surprise we have in store for you this year at GPeC Summit May 11-12-13 2015. We’ve prepared an exceptional lineup of international speakers: Chris GowardCraig Sullivan, Matthew Woodward, Ivan Mazour and Simo Ahava. Stay tuned and check out our dedicated speaker section to see all the GPeC Summit May 11-12-13 2015 agenda!

What’s in store for you at GPeC Summit

Day 1, May 11 2015

  • 1 entire E-Commerce Conference day, top Romanian and international speakers delivering inspirational keynote speeches, sharing e-commerce case studies, pointing out practical tips & tricks for online shops and debate panels when key industry playes share insights and best practices and answer the audience questions;
  • Trends, market figures and statistics , statistici si tendinteon the development of Romanian and European e-commerce / market insights;
  • Hot topics: Conversion Optimization & Usability, Online Marketing, A/B Testing, Behavioral Targeting & Personalization, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics, E-Commerce Tools, Logistics & Courier Services, Management, Strategy, Customer Loyalty;
  • GPeC E-Commerce Expo: you meet face-to-face with the main e-commerce solutions and services providers in Romania and the region;
  • GPeC E-Commerce Party: informal chats and networking leading to long-term business relationships with the GPeC Summit speakers and participants. All in party setup. P.S.: Neil Patel told us that he can hardly wait to have a beer with you at the Party! ;)

Day 2 & Day 3, May 12 and 13 2015

  • 2 days of practical e-commerce workshops covering the hottest e-commerce topics x 90 minutes each + 1 half-day workshop by Craig Sullivan, one of the best international experts in Web Analytics, Split Testing, Conversion Optimization, User Experience and Voice of Customer;
  • Some of the top-notch e-commerce topics to be covered in the workshops will be: Conversion Optimization, Web Analytics, Google Tag Manager, SEO, SEM, Personalization, Usability, Social Media, Team Management, Strategy, Customer Loyalty, A/B Testing, E-Mail Marketing, Differentiation & Unique Value Proposition – each workshop will cover one of the most important topics for an e-commerce business;
  • Workshops where some of the best Romanian and international speakers and experts will share their e-commerce experience – GPeC Summit selects its trainers from the top-notch international and local specialists and you can rest assured that they all have an amazingly relevant professional background! Check out our speakers list to find out more about the trainers that will present you with e-commerce case studies and tips and tricks in order for you to grow your business.
When we say GPeC Summit is a must-attend event, we know why:
  • 700+ business participants, for the 3 days of the most important e-commerce event in Romania;
  • CEOs and decision people from the top Romanian and international companies in the industry;
  • 20+ top e-commerce solution and services providers will attend GPeC E-Commerce Expo;
  • A brand new GPeC trademark event: E-Commerce Investment Day – any e-commerce business searching for investment of wanting to sell their business can meet face-to-face with investors interested in e-commerce!
  • A real e-commerce festival: Conference + Workshops + Expo + Investment Day + Party;
  • Networking, investment and business opportunities.

Get your 3-day-pass for GPeC Summit May 11-12-13, Crystal Palace Ballrooms, Bucharest, Romani, find out all you need to know to develop your e-commerce business this year and meet with top-notch online marketing and e-commerce specialists. Until April 10 you have an amazing Early Bird offer of 147 EUR (VAT included) for a 3-Day-Pass/person. Get your ticket now!

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*Only for the PREMIUM and PLATINUM plans

10 reasons why you simply can’t miss GPeC Summit, May 11-12-13 2015

  1. You get up to date with the latest news and trends in the e-commerce industry from speakers whose books are Amazon bestsellers or represent top e-commerce companies: Neil Patel; Chris GowardCraig Sullivan, Matthew Woodward, Ivan Mazour si Simo Ahava
  2. You get 3 days of premium content from sone of the best Romanian and international speakers and you find out how to grown your online business and its profitability;
  3. You’re in for 1 entire e-commerce day (full of inspirational keynote speeches and debate panels), 2 days of Workshops covering the hottest e-commerce topics and tailored specificallly for you to grow your business & E-Commerce Investment Day where you will meet renowned investors interested in e-commerce businessers;
  4. You find out all that matters this year in e-commerce: Market Insights, Trends and Evolution, Conversion Optimization, Digital Marketing, SEO, PPC, User Experience, Web Analytics, Courier Services, Management, Investment, Strategy, Case Studies etc.;
  5. You meet and get in contact with the main e-commerce solutions and services providers at GPeC E-Commerce Expo;
  6. You network with the e-commerce elite in an informal environment at GPeC E-Commerce Party;
  7. You meet and get in contact with the key representatives of top e-commerce companies in the region – from renowned online shops to the big offline retailers extending their business online;
  8. 700+ participants are expected in the 3 event days: CEOs, Marketing Managers, Product & Brand Managers, PR Executives, Web Developers, IT Managers, Sales Managers;
  9. GPeC Summit reunites with each edition the e-commerce community elite: online shops, payment processors, banks, e-commerce tool developers, e-commerce solutions and services providers, courier companies, fast delivery solution providers, affiliate marketing networks, digital agencies, price comparison engines, top e-commerce specialists and consultants etc.;
  10. If you are interested in investing in Romania or extending your business in the region or whether you are a Romanian company aiming to extend to Europe, the answer to your questions can be found at GPeC Summit. Just like every edition, we invite you to meet with the top industry players.

Participation fee

The ticket prices for GPeC Summit are unbeatable! No other Romanian and regional e-commerce conference can offer you premium content from top-notch international speakers at similar prices. We can.

Very Early Bird*
until 28.02.2015
Early Bird*
Conference & GPeC E-Commerce Expo, May 11 49 € 59 € 79 €
Workshops – May 12
You choose the workshops you participate in!**
49 € 59 € 79 €
Workshops – May 13
You choose the workshops you participate in!**
49 € 59 € 79 €
3 Day-Pass 147 117 € 177 147 € 237 207 €

Early Bird offer – applicable only in the limited time period of March 1 – April 10 2015, inclusive:

  • Day 1, May 11 2015 – Conference, E-Commerce Expo & E-Commerce Party, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 2, May 12 2015 – Workshops, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 3, May 13 2015 – Workshops, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;

3-Day-Pass: 177 147 EUR / person!

Standard offer – applicable in the April 11 – May 4 2015, inclusive, period:

  • Day 1, May 11 2015 – Conference, E-Commerce Expo & E-Commerce Party, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 2, May 12 2015 – Workshops, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;
  • Day 3, May 13 2015 – Workshops, 59 EUR (VAT included) / person;

3-Day-Pass: 237 207 EUR / person!

Good to know
  • Access ticket prices for GPeC Summit include catering services and simultaneous translation services (Romanian -English and English – Romanian);
  • Access ticket prices for GPeC Summit  don’t include accommodation and transportation costs, which are up to participants.
  • Participation fee cannot be reimbursed.
What are you waiting for?
  • Register now for GPeC Summit for 3 days of premium e-commerce content from top international experts!
  • OR  register your online shop with the GPeC 2015 Online Shops Competition and  you benefit from free access tickets for GPeC Summit if you choose of the PREMIUM or PLATINUM plans. The choice is yours!

Registration deadline for la GPeC Summit is: April 10 (for the Early Bird offer) and May 4 (for the Standard offer).


GPeC Summit takes place on May 11-12-13 2015 in Bucharest, Romania, at Crystal Palace Ballrooms, address – Calea Rahovei nr. 198A, sector 5, close to Parliament Palace and directly opposite of the George Cosbus Flower Market.

  • Day 1 – May 11 2015 – the event takes place in the London and Bucharest rooms of Crystal Palace Ballrooms;
  • Days 2 & 3 – May 12 & 13 2015, the event takes place in the Vienna, Rome and Athens rooms of Crystal Palace Ballrooms.

Crystal Palace Ballrooms is located in the center of Bucharest, close to Unirii Square. The approximate distance from the Otopeni airport (Arrivals terminal) to Crystal Palace Ballrooms is of 20 km (price per Taxi fare is approximately 15 EUR).

 Join us and feel free to tag yourself in our pictures!

Join us on May 11-12-13 2015 at GPeC Summit to celebrate together 10 years of GPeC with grade 20 speakers!

We want to have you near us! Come join the coolest online community! We promise to tag you in all possible pictures without your approval #kidding ;)

GPeC Summit is a must-attend!

Last chance to register for GPeC Summit! Register until May 4 2015! You’re in for 3 memorable days with top Romanian and international speakers, some of them for the first time in Romania at GPeC!